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Since Year 1995, KSP STEEL Co., Ltd started Stainless steel slitting business and kept focusing to develop our own ability to build up total system for manufacturing lines of stainless steel cold strip and grown as one of leading company in the line of Stainless steel manufacturing company in Korea.

We believe that our achievement was only possible with your constant support and encouragement and always have a great appreciation and highly respect for you.
KSP STEEL Co., Ltd makes an effort continuously to revitalize as the recognized company by the customers, being proud of the best quality level and accelerating the investments on the manufacturing facilities and R & D in alignment with the industrial trend of the products which has become more high tech and more qualified.

We’re also developed our manufacturing lines of Ultra-precision, Ultra-Thin stainless steel strip by maintaining its place as clean room and localized high tech facilities which was imported from advanced countries like USA and Japan in order to produce sustained quality material such as shape correction of the plate surface and even stress.
Now, we’re aiming to actualize our ambitious plan to export our materials to world-wide market.

Dear Customers KSP STEEL Co., Ltd will make every effort to meet your expectations and wish you all the best and happy life.

Thank you.